Abusive Relationships, anyone?


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Why does one stay in an abusive relationship? Probably because they haven't yet realized they are in one, they are living in denial, like my mother is. And 2nd, because they are afraid of find a new person and they are used to their abusive life partner/spouse.


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It's only someone who's not okay mentally that's going to stay in an abusive relationship. You're most likely going to get killed in it one day because the abuse will definitely turn violent one day.


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I've never been in an abusive relationship. I can never be in an abusive relationship because it's going to screw with my peace of mind. I can't abuse whom I'm in the same relationship with and I won't take being abused in my own relationship.


Abusive relationship is not something that anyone who cares about his or her life and mental health should be in because the things that goes on in a relationship that is full of abuse is capable of leaving someone devastated for the rest of their lives.