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    What Sort of Movies do your Watch?

    I'm all for horror, the scarier the better. I've been trying to find a horror movie that actually scares me for a long time now and still haven't managed lol. I also like comedy but not horror/comedy, if that makes sense.
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    Relationships: Make or Break?

    I've had relationships falling apart over my depression. Most of the time it has been me to blame. I guess I need to hold out for someone patient enough for me haha.
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    The mind plays tricks on us at every opportunity. The trick is to tell yourself this when you're feeling a panic attack coming on. I still haven't mastered this but I'm guessing that's the key.
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    Meditation is a great way to releive stress and tension. I burn jasmine incence and listed to instrumental music. Pan Pipes is a classic example.
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    Do your Children Know About your Mental Health?

    My son doesn't know. He's to young to know really and I don't think it would be fair to put my issues on him, he's only 7. Maybe when he's older, I will explain.
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    What do you do to take your Mind Away from Depression?

    I find myself in the garden shooting arrows when I'm feeling low or anxious. It's good exercise and it gets you out of the house. Maybe something worth looking into?
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    My Son

    I think my son is on the spectrum somewhere. The school have people coming in to assess and talk to him, it sometimes feels to me like he's a zoo exhibit. It's looking like he has a form of ADHD and was wondering what I should expect if he gets a diagnosis. I don't want him treated too...
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    Hi everyone, I'm Cassie from Reno. I'm 32 and a keen archer. I suffer from Bipolar and severe anxiety. Glad to bump into you guys, will be nice to chat in the future. See you around.
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    Any Gamers in?

    Man, that's some grind for that platinum, congratulations. I play Playstation 4 but MW and Bless Unleashed, mainly. Add me: Fuzz the Cat
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    Rescue Remedy, has Anyone Tried it?

    I think RR is nothing much more than a placebo. I have used it quite often and haven't noticed any shifting in my anxiety. It might be interesting to look into what goes into the stuff. It clearly works for some.