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Hello, ran across your name. I'm new to this so please pardon me, I mean now harm or disrespect. Just need to talk with someone. I live in my home with my wife of 20 years and my son. my daughter is in college. there is no communication between me and my wife. she talks to the kids but not me. I feel as though I losing my mind.
I am very excited to meet and get to know other people who have problems like mine, for me to connect with. I am diagnosed severe depression and adjustment disorder.
Hi, i am glad to be a member of t/d. I have lived with depression all my life, and the journey is a lonely one. Nice to be here with you all.
Sorry about the PM. it said you were an administrator but I got you mixed up with stan i resent it to him. [:
Hi, I am new to TD, I'm hoping to find some contacts and friends. I've been BiPolar most of my adult life, and compliant for most. I still suffer from mania/depression but it is mainly under control expect during certain times. I also have SAD, PTSD, Dyslexia, Fibrolyamgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and thoracic disorders, carpel tunnel among other diagnosis - so many to list! I suffer from physical pain daily; that in itself doesn't help with my depression. Please connect with me, I have become isolated.
Hey Bill, Happy New Year!
How's everything? Have you had the chance to meet anyone lately?
Hi Emily, you havnt been on for a while, I guess that's a good thing? Let us know how you are doing.