xbox players


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Anyone here play on Xbox? I'm still stuck on the Xbox One but hope to get a Series X as soon as possible. The game pass is out of this world and I think that alone makes the series x a better choice than the PS5
Xbox 360 was my favourite Xbox favourite Xbox console. Now, I have Xbox Series X and it's the best that I have used so far. It's on the same level with Playstation 5 in my opinion. My brother have Playstation 5.
I've not played any video games on Xbox console but I've heard so much are the Xbox Series X and I'm going to purchase it by next year to have an experience of playing with an Xbox console.
I purchased Xbox Series X last 2 months ago and I have been having a very good time with it. I'm playing Forza Horizon 5 now and it's a wonderful racing game.
I'm a PC gamer. But if I'm choosing between Xbox Series X and PS5, I think I'm going to go with PS5 given the popularity of Playstation consoles.
I am an Xbox player. I am still currently stuck on the Xbox One X but I am hoping to be able to upgrade to the Series X when I can when I have the funds. I have been wanting to get one for a while but with it being such a high price, it's not been something that has been in my budget.