My Suicide Attempts?


I've tried twice to commit suicide by overdosing myself with sleeping pills. Hasn't worked because I'm still there and enjoying life currently fully and wholly. But I'd advise you to NEVER try it yourself because being between life and death is more awful than living your current situation. Just think about solutions whilst being alive and focus about how to solve your problems before trying to commit suicide. Because life is beautiful, enjoyable and precious.
They say once you attempt suicide, there is 90 percent chance you won't try it again. Anyway, I've not attempted suicide, but thought strongly about doing it. I concluded it wasn't worth it, but I need a higher power to give me hope.
I have never been suicidal. The thoughts have never crossed my mind although I have been through so many rough patches, I don't have any will to kill myself.
It's awful being in a situation where you feel as though suicide is the only way out. I have been there myself and it was a scary situation to be in but I managed to get the help I needed and get out of the situation I was in that was causing me to have those thoughts.

I still suffer from depression now but I no longer have any thoughts about suicide.
I am certain that those who choose to commit suicide regretted it before they died. Nothing is worth leaving this earth for, it is important to get help immediately such thoughts starts to creep in.
I haven't attempted suicide before, I haven't found any reason to do that. I read somewhere on a social media platform about a man who took his life because life was cruel to him.

I just pray we overcome all forms of suicidal thoughts that come to our minds to take our lives.