Mindfulness is wonderful!


Become fully and wholly aware that life is beautiful and meant to be enjoyed has been saving my life time and time again. Mindfulness is self-care and self-love, to acknowledge that your existence fully and wholly here and now is pleasant. Notice how the happiness and joy you’ve been feeling lately? Also, why are you suffering? Because you have chosen to let it make you suffer and to prolong it. Why do you wanna commit suicide? Because you want the suffering to stop immediately and asap. So stop and choose to consciously put an end to your very own suffering and always choose to be happy, no matter what is the way to go. Love yourself and be kind to yourself, embrace yourself fully and wholly as it is without distorting reality.
I have choose to be happy because life is beautiful and meant to be enjoyed. I am so mindful of myself and self-love that I don't like hateful words and they don't get to me because I promised myself to love me and also be kind to myself. I am choosing happiness over suicide and frustration.