Jealous Male Friends?


Do you have any friends from the opposite or same sex whom are very jealous of your current boyfriend/girlfriend because they are attracted to you and want to be in a relationship with you? I have one, who's been in love with me for 15 years without me knowing, but today. Thank goodness, I'm not in a relationship, but I hate dating, so I've rejected him right away, but I'm still friends with him.
I don't have any problems with my lover being jealous. It shows that she really loves me and don't want to share me with any other person. But there's a limit to everything. She wouldn't try to force me not a have a life of my own because she's too jealous. I won't take that.
If I want to be in a romantic relationship with you and you rejected me, I'm not going to be interested in being just casual friends with you either. It's going to be too much punishment for me being close to you.
I don't appreciate people who are jealous for their selfish reason. Whenever I am in a kind of relationship with you, I'll have the respect that you should also respect me and make sure that you consider my own feelings and not only yourself.
There was a friend of mine that we have been friends for over 10 years. I don't know that he loves me until he opened up to me that he loves me and he always get jealous whenever he sees me with my boyfriend. I couldn't help but knows how it feels.

I told him right away that we can't be together because I take him as a friend not a lover.
I don't think there is any big deal with having male friends, but a woman should create boundaries that wouldn't make her man begin to get jealous. It is a core aspect of being in a relationship.
I can't say I have ever been in a position with a male friend where they have been jealous of who I have been in a relationship with.

Most of the male friends I have had over the years have been happy to see me happy in the relationship.
A lot of friendships have been ruined because one of the members see the need to pursue romantic relationship. The way I see it, you cannot be friends with someone you have romantic feelings for. It’s either you are together or you are not.

And I cannot keep as friends those that are jealous of my mate.