Having appetite for one food only?


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Would it be considered eating disorder when someone only have appetite for just only one food? It's not possible to get all the nutrients one's body need in one food which is why I see this as a serious problem.

How can this eating disorder be taken care of?
I can say yes, it is. Having an appetite for just one food can be considered being a eating disorder.

It can be taken care of through:
*Medical consultation
*Evaluation of the individual's deficiencies
*Introduction of new food, starting with small steps by adding a new food to their preferred meal.
This could be classed as an eating disorder but the best person to talk to about it would be your GP so that they could look into things and determine whether it is an eating disorder.

I know I have had times when I have only wanted to eat certain things and sometimes could even eat the same thing each day but it's never gotten to the point where it was an eating disorder.