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    Lockdown and Depression

    My life hasn't really changed beyond me not being able to get a McDonalds. I've always bee n a bit of a recluse, now I have the perfect excuse to remain a recluse. I just don't like people lol.
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    xbox players

    Anyone here play on Xbox? I'm still stuck on the Xbox One but hope to get a Series X as soon as possible. The game pass is out of this world and I think that alone makes the series x a better choice than the PS5 .
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    Relationships: Make or Break?

    I've always found myself trapped-in by relationships, so tend to try and stay single. I like my own company although it probably isn't very healthy.
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    Alcohol and Depression - The Vicious Circle

    I still drink every night and recognise it to be a big problem with my depression and anxiety. It's so easy to fall into that hole, I've just got to dig myself out.