Lockdown and Depression


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Lockdown was a bad time for us all. With no structure to our days, no taking the kids to school, and -more often than not- no work to go to. For many people, the lockdown was the root cause of people's depression, and those that were already suffering slipped further into that rut. What sort of coping strategies did you use during these awful times? Sharing your experiences might just help someone cope if it ever came around again.


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What depressed me more than anything about lockdown was people's blatant disregard and even pride about disobeying all rules. People saying the pandemic is a hoax and laughing at people listening to expert bodies as they quote their friend from the pool hall or a Facebook meme.


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My life hasn't really changed beyond me not being able to get a McDonalds. I've always bee n a bit of a recluse, now I have the perfect excuse to remain a recluse. I just don't like people lol.