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  1. Toxophilite

    What Sort of Movies do your Watch?

    I'm all for horror, the scarier the better. I've been trying to find a horror movie that actually scares me for a long time now and still haven't managed lol. I also like comedy but not horror/comedy, if that makes sense.
  2. Toxophilite

    My Son

    I think my son is on the spectrum somewhere. The school have people coming in to assess and talk to him, it sometimes feels to me like he's a zoo exhibit. It's looking like he has a form of ADHD and was wondering what I should expect if he gets a diagnosis. I don't want him treated too...
  3. Toxophilite


    Hi everyone, I'm Cassie from Reno. I'm 32 and a keen archer. I suffer from Bipolar and severe anxiety. Glad to bump into you guys, will be nice to chat in the future. See you around.