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  1. Bumble

    Is anyone touch-negative?

    There's no way I would find myself in a situation where someone would kiss or touch me inappropriately. Someone can't just start touching and kissing you if you don't have anything with them especially when you're indoors!
  2. Bumble

    Kissing and Touching?

    I have been in about 3 different relationships and they were all sexually romantic relationships. We get on with kissing, romance and sex in the relationship. It was nothing bad adults take part in exploring their body.
  3. Bumble

    Sexual Harassment, anyone?

    It's only God that can save anyone who tried to sexually abuse me. You can be rest assured that I'm going to kill you in self defense and I'm going to be very proud of it. It's only animals that can abuse their fellow animals and go free like how cock 🐓 do every day.
  4. Bumble

    Abusive Relationships, anyone?

    It's only someone who's not okay mentally that's going to stay in an abusive relationship. You're most likely going to get killed in it one day because the abuse will definitely turn violent one day.
  5. Bumble

    Autism and Relationships?

    I want to have my own kids and start up a healthy family. I take relationships very seriously because I won't like to get into something that's not going to good for my sanity. It's hard to see people who really want to be in a relationship now.
  6. Bumble

    Both of them Father and Son have falling in Love with you?

    Why in the world would a father and son fall in love with the same person at once? It looks like they are perverts to have sexual feelings for the same person at once.
  7. Bumble

    Having appetite for one food only?

    Would it be considered eating disorder when someone only have appetite for just only one food? It's not possible to get all the nutrients one's body need in one food which is why I see this as a serious problem. How can this eating disorder be taken care of?
  8. Bumble

    The Oldest Person to fall in Love with you?

    What would I be doing with an old man or woman who's 90 years old? It's more like a dead corpse that's still walking. No, I won't date such person. I won't date anyone who's more than 10 years older than me.
  9. Bumble

    Anyone loves Seroquel?

    I have also been making use of Seroquel drugs for a while now. It works very well for me too. But it's the 50 mg of the drug that I'm using.
  10. Bumble

    God Supplying All Needs and Even Sex

    I'm greedy about money and I don't have to be ashamed of it. It's one that when I have it now, I would want to have more of it. I can't same about sex.
  11. Bumble

    Teenage Moms, anyone?

    If you as a teenager gets married at that young age and start having kids, there's nothing wrong with it in my opinion. But when it's completely odd and off for me is when it's only your boyfriend that got you pregnant.
  12. Bumble

    Working with depression

    I know how difficult it is to live with depression. The feeling sometimes takes the breath out of you and make you feel lifeless. I can't imagine how difficult it's going to working when you're feeling depressed especially if it's your work that's making you depressed.
  13. Bumble

    Thoughts on Cheaters?

    I have come to the conclusion that whoever that's in a relationship and ended up cheating and have sex with another person, is mentally sick. There's nothing normal about it because they would work so hard to lie, hide and scheme their way in both relationships in order not to be caught up.
  14. Bumble

    What's your best movie released last October 2022?

    A lot of people are of the opinion that Wakanda Forever was a good movie for 2022 but I think differently towards it. Top Gun : Maverick is my favourite and I believe that it's the best movie of the year.
  15. Bumble

    Suppressing depression

    You have to try just about everything possible to take care of your depression problem. If trying to suppress it is something that's going to work, by all means do it very well. The most important thing is for you to get better.
  16. Bumble


    Meditation really helps big time especially if you know how to get into it actively. I have been practicing mediation for 3 years now especially whenever I'm stressed out.
  17. Bumble

    A New Person Here

    Good morning all. I'm Bumble. I wish there's a better way to put it but the best that I can do is to say that depression is the worst thing that can happen to any living human being. I have been at the lowest low to know exactly what that hell hole feels like. I'm happy to be here and I'm...